Pilot a real robot, in a real arena
In real time, from your computer.

Pilot a real robot, in a real arena
In real time, from your computer.


A good game is about immersion, because we're genetically built to feel the world with all our senses.

At Kizbat, we believe that reality itself is the most immersive experience!


We're inventing a new way of gaming: real games, online. Kizbat stages real robot battles and allows anyone to remotely control the machines in real time, from anywhere in the world.

In the end, Kizbat will be building giant warehouses to host thousands of robots ("data-centers" of robots). We'll allow millions of gamers to experience real robot fighting.


Mt Tantalus, Britannic Colombia, 21th June 2045

The excavation seemed to carry on forever, while the instructions of the government remained the same: carry on the diggings regardless of cost.

Still this morning the tension was palpable within the team until the unthinkable finally happened: the dull tone of a pickaxe hitting the head of one of those titans of old times.

This vision... A sight to see at least once in one's lifetime : A magnificent construction, quintessence of the civilization which built it, like if an ancient divinity could come alive and walk amongst men.

The news travelled fast to the World Governing Congress, where they told us the others had been brought back as well.

We had to find them a way to express their identity, otherwise this already precarious balance would give way to chaos.

It was about time. Peace has certainly been established by the new system but the former nations, used to showdowns and confrontation since millenia, aren't ready to give up their culture to a galloping globalization.

As soon as our gazes crossed we knew it was the solution: those colossi would fight in arenas like they did more than 15,000 years ago for our glorious ancestors... Representing their people in all their passion, but also in their refinement, their knowledge and their philosophy in inconceivably proportioned tournaments. Panem et circemses...


    Discovery location: Mt Tantalus, Britannic Colombia

    Rimmed with iridescent blue opal, this giant seems to be imbued with the spirit of the mountain rivers, which plentifully provided its people with the uttermost gifts of nature.


    Discovery location: Akobo, Sudan

    A warrior equiped with shields and spikes, built to defend what matters to its tribe. Cattle and men alike could shield behind the layers of steel, should the need ever arise.


El Beïda - Great Arena

El Beïda... Industrial, metallic, cradling the life of its inhabitants in an endless mechanical clatter.

Yet, there's still something mystical in those pallid glows replacing sunlight, as if the ancient city still remembers the grandeur of its past denizens.

The Congress has chosen this place to make minds and wheels clash; It is here that the colossus' builders assembled the parts of humanity's ballet for the very first time.

They support us

We’re just getting started, but It’s been an incredible journey since we built our first robot in November of 2015.

It wouldn’t have been possible to reach this stage without the precious support of our investors and advisors.

From Paris, San Francisco and Seoul, we’ve learned so much thanks to them.