From Nerds to Gods - KIZBAT - Medium

History of geeky peasants who've become world leaders ! I guess all the nerds have been told things like "be normal", "go outside", "try to behave like people of your age", "you need to live in the real world". Well, let me tell YOU something.

KIZBAT - Fighting Robots - Mehdi BOUAZIZ - Medium

This seems childish to you ? Don't worry, my dream didn't fade away with time. On the contrary, it strenghened with Metal Gear Solid.When I first finished this game, I was like... REALLY ??? A robot with hydrolic laser + tactical nuclear missiles + shit load of guns + screaming like a fucking TYRANNOSAURUS ?!

KIZBAT - Totemize hatred - Mehdi BOUAZIZ - Medium

I see heart red tainted with dark hatred.I see TV turned on violence, minds set on ignorance.Welcome where war starts in one sentence. You are so angry. Everything's fucked up. Life's a bitch and she got you badly from behind. Your soul's bleeding, your look's fading.

Kizbat - Me vs You - Mehdi BOUAZIZ - Medium

Behind each robot, there is a man. So when it comes to Fighting Robots, you better not forget it comes to the Fighting Spirit you can pour into your machine ! I guess you've already played Street Fighter in your life, unless you are a total piece of junk that doesn't even respect himself.

#1 - Mehdi BOUAZIZ - Medium

Inside those 7 billion people, who are you ? You are nothing. You are nothing, until you reach Glory ! With Kizbat, we want to create new heroes. Heroes of the 3rd Millenium. Heroes who would have fought so hard to become some of the chosen few.

KIZBAT - Gundam it ! - Mehdi BOUAZIZ - Medium

You know Gundam... those giants mechas fighting in space, firing lasers, missiles and using blades. Of course it's japanese ! Who else could have invented this sort of stuff ?! Absolutely not ! Gundam has a deep message to spread. Everyone is concerned by what the philosophy developed in the anime teaches.